Unbound and Unreal Sanity

Some things would come to an end, but that doesn’t mean nothing continues on as something else. I have witness what it means to start over as someone or something different.

In my senior year, I was an intern for the University of Arizona KAMP Student Radio, one of the few student-run college radio stations in the United States of America. I had thought about being a simple DJ where I would have to play certain music that is within a genre and complying with FCC regulations.  But then I got to thinking “What about a talk show host? You could provide some insightful information.” That would answer  my question, but what can I talk about that won’t be boring but insightful and honest?

The answer came to me: topics that sound complete nonsense but are as real as reality  itself (or at least people’s perception of reality). That’s when I came up with the radio show “Unreal Sanity”, a talk show that provides an alternative perspective on the things you may know about such as entertainment, cartoons, music, film, and possibly politics and social issues. This show would provide music on the quarter but music relating to the feel of the shows’ topics.

Then came the time where I would no longer be a DJ for KAMP Student Radio when I finally completed all my classes and received my degree. In addition, I had to do some things to prepare for the real world that college students my age face once they have graduated. This range in a number of things from finding a steady-income, their dream career, paying off those harsh student loans and tuition, or preparing to ease into a new location and new culture.

But there is still more that I would have wanted to do for my show that I couldn’t do at KAMP Student Radio for small, yet obvious reasons. So I got to thinking, or someone told me :”Why not start up a podcast?” That is a possible and very good question to ask, and that is what I would truly feel inspired to do.  That is where I come in: I will be doing everything that I can do to provide a new form of sanity that has never been told or thought of in human history.

More honesty than the Big Three Cable news programs (MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News); highly sane than Glenn Beck; less egotistical than O’Rilley, Hannity, and Limbaugh; and certainly less hostile and not one-sided than The Alex Jones Show. I am doing what these guys have failed or never done before: thinking about myself and the relationship with the audience. You deserve better than that!

I will have more information posted up on the progress for my podcast, but I must prepare for the challenges that many podcast hosts face. Until then, prepare for sanity to be Unbound and Unreal!

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