Grounding to Grow: 3 Ways to Develop and Grow a Podcast Program!

Podcast Tools

These items are what you would need for the podcast. Glasses are important when you need them.

In the age of the Internet, Podcast has been drastically changing over the decade and beyond that it’s difficult on where to set up. My name is Damian Meza, and as former radio host I’m here to guide you on starting a new podcast program.

In this article, Rob Greenlee gives his experience as a podcast developer and the nine evolutions of the podcast industry in 2017. This is a blog article posted on the official website of the program Podcasting with Rob Greenlee. Podcasting will start developing to implement new monetization for smaller podcast shows, improved metric for analyzing audience and viewership, and implement live shows into a podcast. In addition, podcast must develop in ways to developing technology, such as Android OS mobiles and personal voice agents (i.e. Alexa/ Echo, Google Home, Siri and Cortana).

Tim Ferriss is a notable podcast host who gives his tips on developing and growing a podcast show based on his experience. This article was written by Tim Ferriss and is published on the blog website for The Tim Ferriss Show. Tim provides a hierarchy to how he maintains his email starting with E-mail newsletter, Blog and websites, to his audio podcast. Part of his experience lends into the consideration of costs and process that will go into developing a monetization system for your podcast.

Change in the future and how to get into a show can lead you to develop 3 steps in starting up a podcast show as the foundation for the future.

  1.  Research the medium for your podcast – A key start into developing a podcast is looking at how to develop your podcast audio to reach people via the Internet. Eventually, this will expand into podcast for offline audio players, 4G-enable mobile phones (i.e. Android and Apple iOS), and satellite radio broadcast.
  2. Simplify your recording system – Recording and editing your podcast can be done with understanding programs that are often free and simple to use, and having an inexpensive recording device. When starting out, don’t use sophisticated equipment that can make you disinterested in your podcast.
  3. Think of the base, not speculate – Monetization and sponsorship is not the main reason to start up a podcast, but how you connect to your readers and audience. Podcast shows are rooted in the audience that they reach throughout the existence of the podcast.

Summary: Find the foundation to develop your podcast and reach out to both new and dedicated followers.

Damian Meza is a former radio host and Social Media Marketing manager for YD Creations Branding and Marketing. I was an audio developer and host of a radio show, Unreal Sanity, that will return as a podcast show Unbound Sanity. As of the time of this post, I am developing into the aspect of Social Marketing Specialization designed by Northwestern University, through an online course program called Coursera. You can follow me on LinkedIn, and Facebook to discuss in-depth and clarification details for the blog site.

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